Joy Taylor has had one hell of a year. After being added to 790-AM The Ticket and the 104.3-FM Zaslow Show radio show as a producer, Taylor moved into a more prominent cohost spot when Marc Hochman left for 560 WQAM — the moved has turned out to be a real success. Not only are new, young, fresh voices a rarity on AM sports radio but a female voice is even rarer, and you forget she is any of those much-needed things when she is on-air, mainly because she knows her shit. Joy, sister of Miami great Jason Taylor, has skyrocketed onto the sports-media scene this year. Different isn't always accepted right away, even less so in an industry dominated by belching, chicken-wing-inhaling males, but Taylor has been a welcomed breath of fresh air.

Some FM personalities like the sound of their own voices a bit too much. Others try too hard to be funny. And yet others are constantly talking over your favorite song. But then there's a guy like Doc Reno, who spins the black circle at Big 105.9 in the afternoons and then again during the red eye between midnight and 6 a.m. Doc's got a classic-rock vibe with a frat-boy sensibility, the kind of DJ you'd want to share a beer with. Reno is engaging enough to make you dig his style when he's playing your favorite Aerosmith song and funny enough to keep you listening. Always quick with a joke and always up on the crazy news stories from around the country that he constantly updates on his blog, Doc Reno doesn't get in the way of the music, which is all you really ask of an FM personality. 

Brendan Tobin is the hardest-working man in AM radio; it's not even close. Tobin produces The Zaslow Show on 790-AM/104.3-FM The Ticket on weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m. as well as hosts his own radio shows that cover golf and UFC/boxing on the weekends, so yeah, he's pretty busy. Any producer can set a show on autopilot and answer calls, but that's not what Tobin does. The Zaslow Show is full of bits and audio mashups Brendan Tobin has spent hours pulling after the show goes off air. Some of his best work revolves around Miami Heat radio man Mike Inglis' calls. You can always count on waking up the next morning and hearing the best of what the incredible Inglis said about the game's big play, and the way he puts it together is always sure to induce goose bumps. Sports radio has moved on from a caller-dominated format and into more of an entertainment-based area, and entertain Tobin and the Zaslow Show do. Tobin always puts his terrific hosts, Jonathan Zaslow and Joy Taylor, in the best possible spots to succeed, and you can hear it every morning in the finished product.

Food — it's kind of a big deal in Broward and Palm Beach. One even might say the food scene is the heart of the cultural scene. Around here, people will drive 30 to 40 minutes to try a new restaurant. Or a weird new concept. Or an old favorite. The point is, food is king. But with so many options spread over such a disparate area, we need people whose whole lives are about food to tell us what's up. Fat Girl Hedonist is one such blogger. Between her blog, her Twitter feed, her Instagram account, and even her profile on Urban Spoon, there is not a bite of food that goes into this woman's mouth that the public does not know about.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a local hero! They say you can't be everywhere at all times, but the exception is @aGuyonClematis. The Twitter superstar seems to be on a constant stroll down every snapshot-worthy inch of Clematis Street, the main drag of downtown West Palm Beach. No one's quite sure how the "Guy," AKA Aaron Wormus, manages to announce which bars are still hopping at 2 a.m. and shortly after sunrise, tweeting out a pic of the morning coffee crowd gathered at a picturesque sidewalk café. Wormus has officially woven himself into the fabric of West Palm Beach with close ties to Mayor Jeri Muoio and Raphael Clemente, director of the Downtown Development Association. The guy actively promotes WPB as an emergent tech hub and has helped bring entrepreneurial players together on Twitter by starting the popular #ilovewpb hashtag. Wormus sees tech with its human element: "When I use Twitter, I don't see the internet," he says. "I see all the people tweeting and posting pictures from Clematis Street and around downtown, and I like to think of it as the 'heartbeat of the streets.' " It's gotten to the point where savvy downtown West Palmers need him; Wormus is an essential follow for anyone seeking new restaurant previews or play-by-play pics of waterfront events. In fact, if a new dude you just met isn't following @aGuyonClematis, that's reason enough to turn down that second date. But if you do go, be sure to tweet Wormus for a restaurant suggestion.

A nice Jewish boy from Miami Beach, now settled in Palm Beach County, State Rep. Pafford's firm, calm manner makes his unrepentantly progressive public-policy positions seem like the only reasonable choice a sane voter could make. Thankfully, there appear to be enough sane voters in his district to assure a long career in that post or serve as a springboard to something higher. A naturalist since his youth (and as of February, CEO of the Arthur R. Marshall Foundation for the Everglades), he worked 20 years in the nonprofit sector until first elected to the state House in 2008. In three terms in office, he's authored legislation to aid the homeless and the aged and to crack down on corruption, organized crime, and sex offenders. He's been chosen to serve as the Democratic minority leader starting next fall, but he can mix it up too, and has, with the GOP — in an amazing display of bipartisan outreach, last year he organized and hosted the Legislature's first Sea Level Rise Symposium. He understudied for a time with the famously combative Lois Frankel, now a U.S. rep, but Pafford more typically radiates genuine warmth and good humor, making him a natural at retail politics. Guy's a comer.

In Lake Worth, politics is bitter; the pleasant little burg sure does breed some venom. But out of this toxic soil comes a sprout with some wit: @smaxwell2014 — a fake Twitter account for three-time commissioner Scott Maxwell. Riffing on Maxwell's history of fierce rhetoric about undocumented immigrants, @smaxwell2014 touts the commish as a "maligned defender of Anglo values and culture" and spouts tweets like "Unfortunately illegal aliens are not our only problem. LW is OVERRUN with aliens from other planets as well, & they are stealing my thoughts. I dream of a Lake Worth where the white race is free to ride 4 wheelers on the beach without big govt's head up our a**es." More amusing still is that the fake Twitter account has a fake follower — @RealWesBlackman, a nom de farce for real Lake Worth blogger Wes Blackman, curmudgeon extraordinaire. When not "Up late getting nostalgic about old home movies," @RealWesBlackman's tweets chiefly target Lake Worth's green activists, who "refuse to stop printing murder manual... directly responsible for deaths." As with the best hoaxes, this one's author remains unknown. Members of El Dub's anarchist community, sworn enemies of Maxwell and Blackman, upon whom suspicion naturally falls, deny a role. If the perpetrator ever wants to step forward, the Daily Show calls or, even better, The Onion. If Roger Stone weren't so dated and humorless, even he might tip his hat.

Lawyers love to gab. If they're not throwing jurisprudence around at judges or juries, they're talking among themselves. Gossip and rumor, bragging rights and boasts — outside of high school girls, you won't find people who whisper more about their peers than the ladies and gentlemen of the court. William Gelin's light-bulb moment was to put all those courthouse bull sessions online. In 2006, the Oakland Park-based attorney went live with JAA Blog, a website that documents the day-to-day little dramas of the courthouse crowd in Broward. The result — a clearinghouse of info on power players, rounded out with anonymous comments from knowing readers — is a must-read. He airs grievances, blasts judges for poor decisions and early workday exits, and gives props to bailiffs and clerks. 2013 may have been Gelin's banner year. The attention his blog sucked in set up a showdown with the all-powerful Florida Bar. Someone — likely a sore robed one — anonymously filed a grievance against Gelin. The bar began investigating the lawyer-blogger to see if any of his writing violated the rules of conduct for attorneys. Gelin fought back, arguing he'd done nothing but tell the truth. In September, the writer was cleared.

There's a long tradition of separation of church and state in America, but sometimes, elected officials need to be publicly embarrassed to be reminded of it. A more polite passerby might have let a city building set up a manger at Christmastime without complaint, but longtime gadfly Chaz Stevens preferred to call bullshit when the City of Deerfield Beach allowed such a display outside the fire station. Last December, Stevens, a self-employed software developer, frequent gadfly, and self-described "hardcore atheist," called the boy king "baby fucking Jesus" and disparaged the barn scene as a "baby Jesus Motel 6." He threatened to sue Deerfield if it hosted Christian symbols while refusing to allow Stevens' own antireligious "Festivus pole," a six-foot-tall contraption made of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans, inspired by an episode of Seinfeld. Then, Stevens took his battle a step further and applied to display his pole in the rotunda of the state Capitol as well — a stunt that was, astonishingly, approved by the powers-that-be. Stevens drove to Tallahassee to install his "serious feat of ridiculousness." During the month that it stood, the Festivus Pole earned worldwide media coverage (including accolades from the Colbert Report) and paved the way for the Satanic Temple to apply for its own display.

Pop-punk seems to have arisen from the minds of suburban teens too scared for the filthy pit of a real punk show. So it must be very strange to age if you got famous making this kind of kid-friendly music. You're the oldest guy at the show and you're onstage. Back in December, Coral Springs-bred pop-punkers New Found Glory ousted one of their most significant members, guitarist and songwriter Steve Klein. Fans scratched their adolescent or now postadolescent heads and wondered what the hell happened. Well, what happened is that Klein was arraigned in San Luis Obispo Superior Court on multiple horrifying charges. These included: two counts of lewd conduct with a minor under 14, three of lewd conduct with a minor 14 or 15, one of intent to commit a lewd act with a minor, and one of possession of child pornography. His lawyers say he met these underaged females thinking they were older-than-18 women on the web. And the porn? It was video stuff they sent him. How was he to know?! Whether this music man is telling the truth or not, the courts'll decide.

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