If you don't appreciate Devalued, chances are good you're an asshole. It's like all those people who didn't like Little Miss Sunshine. They're awful people. Straight up. The three guys from Broward who compose this D-beat band are absolutely charming. The music they make is as heavy as it gets, but at least two of them really enjoy Jamiroquai — Conor Barbato and Nico Suave, not drummer Matt Stoyka. Their album Plagues starts with a song called "This Town Is Full of Goobers" and includes two others titled "Crack Money" and "Coke Dick" — and of the three, only Suave isn't straightedge. You loving them yet? OK, here's one more. On their Facebook page, they describe their sound as "salsacore." Adorbs! As a group, they also have the power to deeply anger with their dark-as-fuck metal sound. They don't perform nearly enough, but you may have seen them at Churchill's opening with Holly Hunt for Jucifer or at our Green Room's County Grind Night. Last year, they toured the country with Suave's other project, Nunhex, showing 30 cities in the U.S. that brutal music can enrage and keep you smiling with glee at the same time.

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