Cultura Profetica at La Covacha, This Saturday


Puerto Rico is known for a lot of things--salsa, rum, mofongo and a perhaps a slightly overblown pride in their flag (c'mon people, on the back of the car, hanging from the rearview and on your hat, all at once?) chief among them. Perhaps a little less, reggae. Of course, that's only the case if you've never heard Cultura Profetica before. Because they straight up own that shit.

Cultura Profetica's been around for some time now. The band first got together in the mid-nineties in their native Islita del Encanto, dropped their first record in '98, and have been thrilling fans with their eggae roots grooves ever since. Fans of Latin alternative are no strangers to these guys. And their last record, a Bob Marley tribute released in 2007 on reggaeton powerhouse label Machete Music (admittedly a strange pairing), though a bold endeavor, only proved that they have every right to stake claim within the genre.

Cultura Profetica hasn't thrown down in town for a bit now, so you'd do well to take advantage of the opportunity to catch them live at La Covacha tomorrow night. Tickets are $30, but you also get some local favs in Jahfe and Xperimento. Booyaca. Or something to that effect.

Cultura Profetica, Jahfe, and Xperimento. Saturday, May 8, 9 p.m.; ages 18 and up. La Covacha, 10730 NW 25 St., Doral.

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Christopher Lopez