Dan Hosker Music Continuum Celebrates Life and a Legacy

I'm usually jovial enough at gatherings to let certain rye libations behind my wheel and commandeer conversations at social gatherings -- in a rather obnoxious manner, I'm usually told -- and shanghai any topic into a "me-me-me" scenario. Unfortunately, the beers I've had now aren't enough to muster that kind of juvenile bravado. No. As it shouldn't, because it would be counter-productive to the proceedings at hand.

Let me backtrack a little bit. I've often argued at length two major understandings of the South Florida music scene: A) This is a very tightly-knit musical community, and B) often times many great outfits/moments go unrecorded. I've had the sad and dubious distinction of penning a few obituaries for some of our locals and have attended way too many funerals in my short thirty-six years than I would have cared to.

Last year we lost Dan Hosker. Not only was he a charismatic fellow and a beloved local musician, he was also deeply committed to his craft.

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[Even more poignant now]

But here is where prong A is proved and prong B, thankfully invalidated. Before his passing, Hosker was involved with enfant terrible Ian Hammond of DT Martyrs fame, keyboard whiz and Psycho Daisy Bill Ritchie and an ad hoc army of local musicians on what would've been an album's worth of new material. These recordings will surface very soon. With Courtland Joyce (drums), Pat Hunter (vocals) and Charlie Pickett (guitars) rounding out the sounds, you know this will be a full-length of dirty Southern rock and roll with enough cowpunk twang to keep everyone happy.

This Saturday night at Churchill's Pub, will see the second Dan Hosker Music Continuum show take place, Hammond will be debuting his new outfit, the Riot Dogs with Nat Seidman on drums, Holy Terror William Trev on bass as well as Ritchie on keys to perform these songs with Charlie Pickett and Cynthia DuVall for your enjoyment. This will also further the cause established by Hosker's sister, Chris Hosker-O'Brien, a the musical scholarship that offers meritorious music students aid in furthering their training.

It goes without saying that friends Rob Elba, Steven Toth, and Frank "Rat Bastard" Falestra have also been instrumental in putting these benefits together. Moreover, it also goes without saying that I am saddened by all those we've lost but that I'm happy and honored to be part of this musical family that we have down here.

Folks, it doesn't get better than this. It simply doesn't.

Full Lineup


9 p.m. Alcoholic Work Truck (Ray 'Fang' Henry, Henry Rajan, Chris Spano)

9:20 Xela Zaid, Sharlyn Evertsz

9:40 Jim Camacho

10 Carey Peak, Brian Franklin, Mark Dubin, Fritz Dorigo, Jordan Welch

10:20 Shaved Hamster, Basketcase, Rene Alvarez

10:45 Aquafly (Members of the Pookiesmackers & Basketcase)

11 A Love Supreme Sextet (Mr Entertainment & the Pookiesmackers and Kenny Millions)

11:20 Ian Hammond & the Riot Dogs (with Will Trev, Billy Ritchie, Nat Seidman)

11:40 Charlie Picket with Riot Dogs & Cynthia DuVall

Midnight Shark Valley Sisters, Gold Dust Lounge, QUIT with Juan Montoya & Tony Rocha

12:20 The Mikes (members of the Bikes)

12:45 A Terrible Thing (Joe O'Brien with Rob, Sam, Will, Brandon)

1 Humbert and special guest

1:30 Stephen Wolfie Johnson, Fausto Figueredo, Steve Bristol

1:45 Rat Bastard, Adam Matza, Steve Bristol

2 Hot Jupiters (Garo Gallo, Elyse Perez, Steve Bristol, Andy Ortmann)


8 p.m. Jim Wurster

8:30 Boise Bob & the Cornballs (Hal Spector, Thomas Stankus, Clifton Childree & Robin Roslund)

9 Arlan Feiles

10 The Boxcar Timmy New Jazz Review (members of Postface)

11 Serenguetto from Minneapolis

11:30 Rats Rest from Kansas City

Dan Hosker Music Continuum. Ian Hammond and the Riot Dogs, plus dozens of local musicians reveling in song and remembrance at Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE 2 Ave., Miami. Show starts at 8 p.m. on Saturday, December 7, and 6 p.m. on Sunday, December 8. $5 minimum donation. There's barbecue too. Call 305-757-1800, or visit

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