Denzel Curry Drops an N-Bomb on MTV (VIDEO)

MTV News' online program RapFix streams live, so when Carol City rapper and guest Denzel Curry dropped an N-bomb, host Sway Calloway seemed like he was going to pee-pee in his pants.

But who can blame Curry for being casual and slipping up? He's still in high school and already appearing on the "Get in the Game" segment of the show. And with Waka Flocka Flame, who offered his thoughts on "Threatz," Curry's first music video, and even a possible collaboration.

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The song is off his upcoming release Nostalgic 64 and features Yung Simmie and Robb Bank$. Everything in the video -- from the girl in the Marlins shirt, Bank$ smoking a blunt, what looks like the edge of the Everglades -- is all under a purple haze. There's nothing to turn you off here. No exposed tits, no Bugattis, just kids from South Florida making music that someday will play repeatedly on your iPod.

The full video.

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