Lidell Kicks It Mathematical

Jamie Lidell is, as he sang on last year's Multiply, a "walking, talking question mark." And on the more recent Multiply Additions, he seems even dottier and loopier. The ten-track album of redos and remixes finds Lidell straddling his most pronounced personas — the electronic enthusiast of his 2000 IDM-slanted album, Muddlin Gear, and the blue-eyed, Jamiroquai-on-a-serious-James-Brown-kick soul of Multiply. His work with Christian Vogel as Super_Collider has perhaps struck this balance more excitingly, but Additions is not without charm. Freeform Five reupholsters "When I Come Back Around" in paisley print, simultaneously paying homage to vintage Prince by using his trademark drum sounds and trumping the purple one with a resulting house track that beats any of his attempts. Matthew Herbert, meanwhile, puts a stutter and bump into Lidell's too-smooth trunk, turning the song "Multiply" into a digital hoedown. Additions, however, buckles under the weight of a few stripped-down live tracks that serve only to showcase Lidell's showboating. Let's hope that's not the case when he hits Miami this Saturday.

Jamie Lidell performs Saturday, June 17, at Poplife's Seven-Year Anniversary Party at the District, 35 NE 40th St., Miami. Doors open at 10 p.m. Tickets cost $15. Visit

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Rich Juzwiak