Mountain Song At Sea: Ten Highlights of the Bluegrass Cruise

After 60 hours or so on Mountain Song at Sea's maiden voyage, any return to so-called normalcy is a challenge. After all, spending time with some of the greatest name in bluegrass and nu-grass presents an alternative universe where banjos, fiddles, mandolins, and close-knit harmonies not only set the scene, but the soundtrack for an idyllic existence where any care more complicated than finding your way to the next performance seems irrelevant and worlds away.

The latest theme cruise from the good folks at Sixthman, the same gang that brought us the Kid Rock Cruise, Rock Boat, and Cayamo, took a gamble that they could again attract a core group of devotees with a special fondness for a particular musical niche. Happily, it seems to have paid off; after all, there's nothing like a fiddle tune to get people smiling and a few souls on their feet dancing. Never mind that rough seas had the boat rocking on Friday night. The natural sway of the music had the crowd grooving all the way through to the wee hours of Monday morning.

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Lee Zimmerman