Native Florida Tap Room and Music Hall Thursday Night Tryouts for Local Talent

One of Hollywood's newest live music venues, the Native Florida Tap Room and Music Hall, has already brought many a talented act to the stage. From foul-mouthed soulman Blowfly to neophyte metalheads Neolythyc, the club is representing local music and some imports in a way that is serious and committed, fun and of quality.  

The venue's Thursday nights are dedicated to finding local singers, songwriters, and bands making original music. The owners call it an "open performance night." On the hunt for musicians whom they can fit into their lineup, it's like American Idol but for the chance to open for perhaps Charlie Pickett. "I'm trying to support our independent/original scene, so [the night] helps me

find new artists or ones I might not already be aware of," owner Kilmo says. "Our motto for

the night is 'expect the unexpected.' It also gives

locals a forum to express themselves or work out new material on the

same stage national artists perform on."

They provide: "Bass rig, a drum kit supplied by Resurrection Drum Shop, guitar, and keyboard, amps," Kilmo says. "You could bring your own amps if you prefer. We have superior sound and monitors to any venue south of Orlando with a great stage and excellent sightlines." Having performed at the major venues around here, he assures, "I can make that statement with confidence. And unlike many sound engineers an artist may encounter, I enjoy mixing sound and work hard to make an artist comfortable." Laughing, he says, "Unlike many others in this biz, I give a crap." 

The night is run on a first-come, first-perform basis, and the club lets everyone play. The good news is, it's been fruitful. "Every band to perform on a Thursday night so far except for a couple... has been booked for a future show," the Facebook announcement states.  

You can play a full set or a few songs for the taste-makers at Native Florida Tap Room. They put on acts that have fewer folks in them, solo performers, and acoustic musicians earlier in the evening. This is a regular occurrence unless they happen to have a national act in town on a Thursday, one of which will take place on June 21. 

Visit Native Florida Tap Room and Music Hall's Facebook page for more information. The next will take place at 8:30 p.m. on June 14 at 2006 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood. There's free parking and no cover. Sixteen craft beers are on tap and 16 bottled. There's booze, wine, and sake. 

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