Photos: Well Rendered Wolf Rocks Sumsun's Second LUSH∆HAUS, Judson Rogers turns 22

The second installment of Sumsun's monthly Lush∆Haus residency at Propaganda had the added allure of a birthday celebration. Turning 22 is not considered as exciting a milestone as some

other ages that come before it -- like the one when you can

finally buy porn, and then the one where you can start using your

actual ID at the bar -- the celebration of Sumsun's Judson Rogers

brought out some of Lake Worth's

hippest and best dressed.

Propaganda's overall redness in decor seemed like it might be in sharp contrast to the

serene videos of sea anemones and living coral, provided by Miami's Morphologic Studios, being projected on the stage's blank backdrop all night. See the stunning photographic results below.

However, where Morphologic's projections overlapped the harsh lines of Propaganda's murals, it was beautiful.  And it reminded me of the music that the LUSH∆HAUS events were made to celebrate. By using so many machines, and cables and wires, and of course laptops, the night's artists Sumsun and Well Rendered Wolf, AKA Millionyoung's Mike Diaz, make really organic seeming sounds that kind of wash over you, like waves.

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Sarah Penello
Contact: Sarah Penello