Ruben Blades Announces Todos Vuelven a Miami

Though some may consider J Lo's attempt at juggling music, acting and varied entrepreneurial endeavors to be noteworthy, let's face facts. Nine out of ten people either snicker at the mention of her music, chuckle at the reference to her acting, or both (...much as I want to poke fun of the clothing and perfume lines, more deserving of sneers are the chongas who bought them).

Which brings me to the point: Despite so many half-baked efforts by celebs these days, it ain't easy to do it all well. Then there's true renaissance man, Ruben Blades. The iconic singer is best known for his unique brand of Nuyorican-style salsa, featuring finely-fused Latin jazz and Afro-Cuban influences and some of the most intellectual lyrics in Latin music, touching equally upon the socially poignant and the poetic. But he's also an actor (who you may have seen in Once Upon a Time in Mexico), a lawyer, and a politician. He lost the race for the presidency in his native Panama in 1994, but has since been named Minister of Tourism, a position he's held since '04.

But, he is of course, best known for his music, and that is why you're all here, is it not? Well, good news, lovers of the best, most swingingest Latin descargas, because el distinguido (the distinguished) Mr. Blades has just announced that his tour, Todos Vuelven, will be coming to town in November. If you've never seen an entire auditorium dancing in the aisles to "Pedro Navaja," you're long overdue. Tickets are on sale now. You know what to do.

Ruben Blades performs at the James L. Knight Center on November 21 at 8pm. Tickets run $62 - $123.

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Christopher Lopez