Space Between Words' "Things Children Do" Video and Three Local Shows

In the next couple of days, not many spaces in the 60 some-odd mile span of Broward and Palm Beach counties will be spared from the angular postpunk charge of Miami quartet Space Between Words. The upstart band from the 305 seems to have both counties in its sights this week with two scheduled gigs and one radio performance planned in the vicinity.

The four-piece begins affairs today at 6 p.m. with a live on-air performance at Lynn University's Knight Radio 96.3 FM (you can stream the station here). Friday, the band makes it way south to the Fort Lauderdale gallery walk, where it will entertain guests at the Uncommon Gallery starting at 8 p.m. Saturday, the troupe schleps up to Lake Worth to take to the stage at Propaganda.

To wet everyone's whistle, the kinetic rock act just released a video for "Things Children Do," the third official music video from its debut album, And We All Follow the Sun -- which was heralded by our sister paper Miami New Times as one of Miami's best in 2010. Check the video after the jump.

Filmed by buddy band and Hialeah self-described "bipolar pop" act Radioboxer members Jota Dazza and Aless Nicolacci, the video takes place at downtown Miami music hub Grand Central, but with a twist. Dazza says he felt the urge to record the piece because the vibe he gets for Space Between Words shows had not been accurately depicted in its videos so far. From watching the trance-like flashes of this clip, we'd say Dazza's picked up an hallucinogenic type of vibe at SBW gigs (or sparked up some primo buds before picking up the camera).

Between close-ups of lead signer Steven Weingarth's scruff and Chuck Taylors stomping on foot pedals, Dazza throws in blips of surreal imagery that triggers serious flashbacks of Terrence Malick's latest nonlinear opus, The Tree of Life.

We are reaching, but considering that said movie and Weingarth -- in a phoned-in disaffection on par with apathy-cool kingpin Julian Casablancas' voice -- both touch upon childhood memories, we could not be far off. 

The group plans on releasing a limited special-edition vinyl version of its debut album this month. Half the proceeds from vinyl sales will go to DNA and Best Buddies charities and local music programs.

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Alex Rendon