Dairy Belle in Dania Beach: Same Location, New Digs

Dairy Belle on Route 1 is based on a mid-century Americana roadside stand. Yet it has been around since 1998, and it was conceived by French Canadians.

After over a decade of existence, change is coming: Francois Grenier and family are moving to a new place. Here's the hitch: They're building a bigger structure with as much terrace space in the very same parking lot.

"We have very little storage which is a real issue from November through April when we're busiest," says Grenier. At the new place which is on track for completion in January, customers will order inside and pick up their food at a window outdoors. They'll also add an additional register.

A larger space will also allow for the family to expand beyond custard

to sell an array hard ice creams and low fat yogurt. "We want to make

novelty sundaes," says Grenier.

Once the business moves, the original structure will be demolished to

make way for a new building with ground floor retail and second story

apartments. No plans for restaurants on the ground level: the family is

being courted by retail candidates now.

In the meantime, the original restaurant will remain open through construction. A favorite dish is the

traditional poutine with brown gravy and cheese curds. For less than $6, it's certain to put meat on your

bones, whether or not you need it.

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