Deal of the Day: Up to $40 Food and Drink at Argentango in Hollywood

​Hungry for a good deal? 

Who isn't these days -- but if you're serious about eating fantastic food at a palatable price (and we're betting you are), look no further than Hollywood's Argentango Grill

At Argentango, the concept is simple: Get amazing food at a price that won't break your budget.

In 2003, we did more than agree with their mission statement. We also named them South Florida's "Best Of" in two categories: South American restaurant and the top spot to find -- would you believe it -- French fries

Today, Charlie's giving you another reason to love Argentango now -- no dance moves required. I
f you're looking for a good meal on top of a good deal, you can receive up to $40 worth of food and drinks

How? Just head over to the Voice Deal of the Day page, hit the "Buy Now" button, and you could be well on your way to tangoing some tasty skirt steak straight into your belly come lunchtime.

But that's not the only reason you should shimmy on over to Argentango. At this point, you owe it to your
 taste buds to take a trip to the pampas -- picture vast, expansive pastures where herds of cattle graze -- chomping away on fields of corn, alfalfa, and sunflowers, producing some of the world's most coveted cuts of beef. 

You'll get a similar scene scouring Argentango's menu, where everything from sausage, lamb, beef, veal, chicken, and seafood are served the way they are in South America, in heaping portions and accompanied by a bowl of fresh-whipped chimichurri, the Latin American's condiment of choice.

Feeling a bit Gauchoish today? 
From their authentic Argentine-style steaks to the crispy garlic-parsley-smothered provenzal fries, Argentango represents everything that is delicious when it comes to South American cuisine. Wash it all down with a pitcher of house-made sangria or a glass of wine and contemplate their expansive dessert list.

By the time you've gotten to this 
point, you may or may not have remembered Argentango's prime piece of advice: 
Pace yourself. 

So what are you waiting for? You won't find out why they're called the "Home of the World's Longest Steak" if you just keep sitting there salivating over what you could have for lunch. 

1822 Young Circle 
Hollywood 33020 

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