Diner-by-the-Sea Hosts German Pop-Up Dinners, Starting Monday

Last week, a 4 a.m. electrical fire damaged his restaurant's kitchen, forcing owner Matt More to close Checkers Old-Munchen for repairs for two to three months.

Rather than resign himself to a couple of stagnant months, Moore got creative: He asked his brother Bill Sand for help.

"My brother owns a breakfast and lunch place, Diner by-the-Sea, so I asked him if we can open Checkers Old-Munchen at his place during dinner," he said.

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His German pop-up starts Monday night with a $10 menu. "We'll have veal schnitzel, Jäger schnitzel, and the two-pound pork shank that's normally $19 for $10," he said.

Moore came up with the idea to ensure he'd retain his employees. "I had

to find a way for them to make money over the next couple of months," he


Checkers Old-Munchen celebrates its 30th anniversary this month, notes Moore, who has owned the place for the past five years.

Moore says he got involved in German cuisine because of his family. "My

family's German, and my uncle had been a chef in Munich," he said.

Chef Andre Zanith, who has worked for Moore since he has owned the

place, will man the stoves at the diner during dinner. And beer lovers,

take note. There will be plenty of German beer to go around. For that

matter, wine too.

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