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Eating Chicken Wings, Squirrel, and Wu Tang Clams

Happy day after Super Bowl. Yesterday, the country ate 1.25 million chicken wings. Today, it's wing sauce and blue cheese smoothies. Read on for today's food-related links.

1. The National Restaurant Association projects that

restaurant sales will grow by 3.5 percent in 2012, with two out of five

consumers reporting they're not going out to eat as often as they'd


2. The practice of eating squirrel is alive and well in the South.

More after the jump.

3. Serving Pone, Thugs, & Hominy or Wu Tang Clams: Will a Bon Rappetite franchise come to Florida?

4. Taco Bell breakfast debut: Do not eat this "slimy disk of horror."

5. Make your own Thin Mints and other Girl Scout Cookies.

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