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Fort Lauderdale's Egg Condiments

I've never been that passionate about eggs until I became friendly with the Endless Simmer folks. When you dine often enough with someone who has an egg fetish, it's a challenge to resist their enthusiasm. Turns out, I've brought it with me to Lauderdale, where there's no shortage of egg-as-condiment usage.

At the recently opened Sea on Commercial Boulevard, 

chef Tony Sindaco serves a slice of sourdough toast as a plate for frisee- lathered in warm bacon dressing, adorned with bacon, pan-sauteed garlic, and flat leaf parsley. The kicker is a poached purse of egg balanced atop this layered heap. I savor the moment before I fork through the white, as yellow coats greens on its trickle to the plate. It's a stunning first course. ($12)

A more pedestrian use of the egg condiment is at ROK:BRGR, where a fried egg splays across the Morning Glory, a 10 oz. Angus burger with hickory bacon and a good ol' slice of processed cheese ($13). Though this photo displays the yolk face up, I flip mine so liquid runs through the sandwich (and down my wrists) rather than soaking the bun. It's a guilty pleasure, for sure. 

Where else have you found egg condiments?

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