Have You Tried a Lazy Cake? Chill Out With the Official "Relaxation Brownie"

It also scored me a Lazy Cakes -- the original "relaxation brownie" you can find hiding behind the glass case at a local service counter near you. 

You know, the same one where you'll also find all types of oddball stuff that may -- or may not -- be considered drug paraphernalia.

Curious to know why these delectable-looking brownies were behind lock-and-key, I asked for one.

After confirming my age -- you have to be over 18 to buy a Lazy Cake because of its ingredients -- I purchased several, eager to find out what makes them so special. 

Once home, I had only one question: what's in them? The ingredients of this suspicious dessert aren't listed on the package. Instead, the package refers you to the Lazy Cakes Website, where it lists valerian root, melatonin, passion flower and -- well, chocolate -- as the main ingredients.

So, what happen when you eat one? According to the Larry Lazy Cake, the tripped-out brownie mascot you'll see posted on each and every wrapper, "extreme relaxation and excessive use of the word 'dude'."

As for taste -- not as good as homemade. The Lazy Cake was a nothing short of bland, and somewhat bitter. All in all, a rather tasteless, cake-like brownie. And the relaxation part? One friend said it put her out cold. Another said he felt a little sleepy after. But then again, it could have been his all-nighter the day before. 

I didn't really feel a thing -- except a pang of disappointment there couldn't have been a better tasting cake that could make me look as laid-back as Larry.

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