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In Palm Beach County, White-Tablecloth Dining Will Never Die

Last week, we gathered the top ten Zagat entries for Broward. This week, we're doing the same for Palm Beach, where the price point is $20 higher on average. There are more lobster and steak houses in the top ten than in Broward, although a couple of funky places seed the list. Yet one thing's similar between counties: Zagat users love their old-school restaurants. After the jump, the 2012 top ten Zagat-ranked restaurants in Palm Beach County.

Marcello's La Sirena

Ranked the number-one spot in Palm Beach County as well as the 2011 New Times best expensive Italian restaurant, this restaurant will "restore your faith in Italian fine dining." There are "no surprises" at the 25-year-old Italian restaurant, says Zagat, ranking the restaurant 28 for food, 19 for décor, and 26 for service.

Ranked best restaurant in New Times way back in 2006, this French fine-dining classic pulls in at number two in the Zagat rankings, scoring 28 for food, 22 for décor, and 26 for service for a meal that runs an average of $74 a person.

The 20-plus-year-old restaurant in a Jensen Beach cottage was inspired by Alice Waters back when most Floridians didn't know who she was. The food pulls in a 27, décor a 22, and service a 25. 

Superfresh fish and creative presentations from this strip-mall wonder in Juno Beach draw crowds and high food scores, securing a 27, a 14 for décor, and 23 for service. It's the cheapest of the top ten at an average of $36 a head.

Swanky and luxurious is how New Times describes the white-tablecloth restaurant that's been around for decades. It's "a fine dining icon," says Zagat, giving the restaurant 27 across the board. And at $78 a head, it better be. 

The Italian mainstay for more than a decade, Casa d'Angelo earns 27 for food, the original from Angelo Elia who has since opened D'Angelo in Fort Lauderdale and Trattoria d'Angelo in Delray Beach. The restaurant ranks 27 for food, 22 for décor, and 24 for service. 

Meat and potatoes earn high points for a restaurant that specializes in the bone-in filet, earning 26 for food, 24 for clubby décor, and 25 for service.

And old-fashioned neighborhood place with an antipasto bar, the restaurant is ranked 26 for food, 21 for décor, and 22 for service.

Daniel Boulud's polished mainstay is as strong as ever with Jim Leiken at the helm. "Beautiful people" dine at this "un-Florida" "class act," writes Zagat of the restaurant, which earns 26 across the board.

An expensive, gilded restaurant from another era riffs on the one and only Oyster Bar in Grand Central. Scoring 26 for food and service and 25 for décor, it's $71 a head. 

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