Luigi DiMeo of Luigi's Coal Oven Pizza Makes Us a Calzone

Welcome to the How-To series, a periodic segment of photo essays that highlight the dishes and drinks that area restaurants do well, who makes them, and how they do it. This week, we're focusing on pizza from Luigi's Coal Oven Pizza.

Welcome to Luigi's Coal Oven Pizza on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, where chef Luigi here is going to make us a calzone. The little restaurant opened nearly a year ago. We've asked for a calzone because we're into pockets these days: empanadas, Bolivian saltenas, little savory hand pies. Luigi's calzones, we realize, aren't so little.

First, DiMeo rounds out dough made from superfine, Italian "00" flour; that leads to a finer texture, provided the oven is hot enough. Since Luigi's is coal with wood added for flavor, the oven can bump up to 900 degrees. 

He then stretches the round, careful not to overhandle the dough.

Here it is. We might as well ask for extra sauce.

Hungry for lunch? While you're waiting for the hour, check out Luigi making a pizza here. 

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