Eater National gives a heads up that Men's Health wants readers to help decide "the manliest restaurants in America" among 45 nominated around the country. 

Manly is one of my least favorite words since- like flavorful and healthful-it's kinda vague. Our trusty dictionary tells us it means having qualities traditionally ascribed to men, such as strength or bravery. Apparently, restaurants outfitted for the strong and the brave are primarily located in cities. And here I thought burly, independent-types live off the land in rural America.

According to Eater's tally 

M is for Masculine: Vote for America's Manliest Restaurants

of the nominees, a manly restaurant serves hot dogs, steaks, barbecue, fried chicken, chili, seafood, and pizza. And... craft cocktails.

Cities that top the list for the most manly restaurants are Los Angeles (6) and New York (4). The state of California is nominated for the most dude restaurants (10) followed by a tie between Texas (4) and New York. Only one Florida restaurant makes the nomination: that pinnacle of manliness, Alabama Jack's in Key Largo-a restaurant named for another state.

Seems to me, Men's Health half-assed this list. Any local nominations? Some suggestions floating around the office are Brick House Tavern+Tap or Rachel's Steak House for an abundance of eye candy.

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