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South Florida's Official Sandwich: Where to Find It

Over at Good Magazine, it's Sandwich Week, when the site reveals results for each state's official nominations. 

Earlier in the month, the editors had asked Trina Sargalski of the Miami Dish blog for her selection. The choice, as you'd imagine, is a Cuban sandwich. She breaks it down as

 bread reigning most important:

"The sandwich must

be built with good Cuban bread (made with lard) and then flattened in a

hot press (plancha). Don't waste time on impostors made with

thick French or Italian bread. The bread should be crisp on the outside,

with some give, and soft and buttered on the inside."

I'm just starting to explore bakeries -- asking locals where to go for Italian, French, Brazilian, and Colombian bakeries, among others -- and I've ended up sampling a lot of bread lately. 

The only places that have garnered resounding praise is Gran Forno and Rendez-Vous Bakery & Bistro. Where else bakes great bread, where Cuban bread can be found, no less?

That brings us to the innards. Miami Dish writes:

"Inside, there should be striated layers of Swiss cheese, ham, and roast

pork. The layers of meat should be generous. In Tampa, they add salami,

perhaps due to the Italian influence. Pickles and mustard add zing. Some

purists refuse the mustard, but I always ask for a little."

Sounds delicious. And might inspire this afternoon's lunch. Yet, it's rare in these parts to hear about great Cuban sandwiches. Is the Cubano Broward's official sandwich? 

Based on the comments since I've arrived, I'm guessing it's a sub along the lines of LaSpada. Any nominations for this area's best sandwich? Or would you agree with Miami Dish?

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