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The Cronut Makes It To Palm Beach County at The Jupiter Donut Factory

Yes, it's happened. The cronut craze has finally made its way to Palm Beach County. And if you don't know what a cronut is by now, we feel sorry for you. The donut-croissant hybrid that originated in New York is popping up nationwide in one form or another, and we've already told you about the Broward bakery that's making its own version, dubbed the "doissant." Shame on you for not paying closer attention.

But if Master Cake Bakery in Pembroke Pines is too far for all you Palm Beach County residents to travel for a hot plate of fried-butter-dough, no fear. Now you can get your deep-fried, glazed croissant fix at the Jupiter Donut Factory where owner Chris Stokes is taking his own croissant dough, frying it, tossing it in a sugar glaze, and finishing it off with a quick stroke of chocolate or vanilla frosting.

Like most of Stokes' donuts, they've been selling out within a few hours, so the shop -- which he began running just a few months ago since purchasing from the previous owners -- now makes them almost daily.

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The Jupiter Donut Factory isn't just new to cronuts; it opened early this year by founding owners Nancy and Bill Hebrank, and their daughter Carey. The family decided to open the doughnut shop because there was nothing like it in the area, and they saw a need for the specialty, gourmet donuts.

Chris Stokes agreed -- and even spent several months working with Bill to learn the donut-making business. His goal: eventually open his own family-owned shop in Wellington, Florida. All the training was worth it; the Hebrank family decided to relocate to Oregon and Stokes -- alongside his wife Chrystal -- jumped at the chance to take over operations.

Today, Stokes continue to make the donuts the same way he was taught by the Hebranks, ensuring that it remains a "family-run establishment." Every day, Stokes arrives at the shop as early as 1 a.m. to prepare more than 150 dozen batches -- and about 40 varieties -- of donut. When doors open at 6 a.m., it typically takes only a few hours before the shelves are cleared, and the shop closes its doors for the day.

"We usually sell-out before 12:30 p.m. on the weekends. Store hours are until 2 p.m., but we almost never [stay open] that long," said Stokes.

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The menu favorites include the shop's own take on maple-glazed, bacon-topped bars, while newer creations like the s'mores and Snickers-infused donuts appeal to the candy-loving crowd. Soon, Stokes said to keep an eye out for seasonal-inspired specials -- like pumpkin spice and apple cider -- to celebrate autumn.

Not in the mood for fried and frittered dough? The small diner-like shop also has a short counter with old-fashioned stools where you can sit and watch the line snake out the door and into the parking lot. Choose from a concise menu that includes egg sandwiches, muffins and bagels.

We love that Stokes kept the donut dream alive in Jupiter, but will there be a shop -- one closer to West Palm Beach?

"I still plan on opening a [donut] shop in Wellington, but I'm not sure when exactly that will be," Stokes told Clean Plate Charlie.

That's fine by us -- you certainly won't hear anyone complaining about one more donut shop coming to Palm Beach County.

The Jupiter Donut Factory is located at 141 Center Street in Jupiter. For more information visit the Facebook page, or call 561-741-5290.

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