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The Ten Worst Zagat-Ranked Restaurants in Broward County

Of all the restaurant ratings sites, Zagat is the dinosaur founded by Tim and Nina Zagat in 1982. For some, the rankings prompt loyalty for their longevity, while others are disdainful because they're so curated by the powers that be. That said, the site still holds weight or, at the very least, illuminates how participants view a restaurant in the lexicon of offerings.

Rather than pull from what's best, I've decided to take a peek at what's not doing well. Is it fine dining? Chain restaurants? Those close to the water or farther west?

Click on the jump to find out the lowest-ranked Zagat restaurants in the food, décor, service, and popularity categories. Points are based on a scale of 1 to 30, with 30 the best.

10. Romano's Macaroni Grill in Pembroke Pines
With an average per-person price of $26, the chain ranked 17 out of 30 points in food, service, and décor while earning zero popularity points.

9. Rivals Waterfront Sports Grille in Hollywood
With an average cost a head at $32, the restaurant ranked 16 in food and décor and 14 for service, with six popularity points.

8. Johnny Rockets in Davie & Sunrise

With a glut of burger joints, it's no surprise the chain is struggling. At $15 a pop, the restaurant ranks 16 out of 30 for food and service and 15 for décor, earning zero popularity points.

7. Buca di Beppo in Davie

The Italian red sauce chain earns the most points for service at 18 and the worst for food -- 16 -- and décor -- 17. Zero popularity points for this restaurant that costs an average of $25 a person.

6. Taverna Yiamas in Hollywood

Service gets the most points here at 16, with food scoring 15 and décor a meager 13 points. At $26 a head, the Greek joint gets three popularity points.

5. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. in Fort Lauderdale

Though the waterfront restaurant earns 51 popularity points, it sits at 15 points for food at $27 a person, 16 for service and 17 for décor -- even though there's a view of the ocean.

4. Mai-Kai in Fort Lauderdale

The popular dinosaur earns 51 popularity points and 24 points for décor, but at $48 a head, the food's ranked at 15 points, with service sitting at 19.

3. Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood

Surprisingly, the casino earns zero popularity points and falls to 14 food points, despite that it costs only $26 a person on average. Décor gets highest marks at 21 points, and service is a meager 15.

2. Beach Watch in Dania Beach

The restaurant earns highest points, if you'd call it that, for décor (15) and service (14), with food costing $34 a person ranking 13 of 30. It earns three popularity points.

1. Rainforest Cafe in Sunrise

The chain ranks lowest of Broward's restaurants at 12 for food costing $25 a person and 15 out of 30 for service. Décor scores 23 points, though it earns no popularity points, which is no surprise.

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