VH1's New Reality Show Famous Food Enlists Pseudo-Celebs to Revamp an LA Restaurant

If you heard VH1 was filming a new reality television show called Famous Food, would you immediately envision a 30-minute reel where bleach-bottle blondes and moronic musicians try their hand at cooking? Or, even harder to believe, attempt to eat without purging?

Well, you wouldn't be further from the truth...

The show's concept is actually more tasteless, but in that perfect-recipe-for-disaster sorta way. The idea: send D-list celebrities -- like show stars Real Housewives of New Jersey's Danielle Staub, Vincent Pastore from The SopranosThe Hills' Heidi Montag and ex-bachelor Jake Pavelka -- to revamp a restaurant from "the ground up." And don't forget hip-hop act Three 6 Mafia to help everyone stay fly while they plan the after party.

The motley crew of a team will have just 28-days, and $150,000, to remodel, design and staff the former Sunset Strip restaurant, Ketchup, and transform its vacant space into the newest LA hotspot.

If you can stomach it, watch the trailer here. Looks like there should be plenty of delicious drama -- especially if you're in the mood for watching some vino-induced meltdowns over who will be washing dishes. 

Catch the Famous Food premier tomorrow, July 10, on VH1. 

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