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'Wurst and Beer: Breakfast of Champions at Cypress Nook in Pompano Beach

This week's review by the inimitable Lee Klein is the flapjack flip-off, the pseudo contest in its tenth year. In the article he gives a nod to Old Fort Lauderdale Breakfast House, where I've managed to become a regular. As much as I like the pancake, I'm a fan of poached eggs so fresh the yolk is orange, served with a slice of Gran Forno bread for mopping. A little yogurt and fresh fruit on the side, and I'm sated for the day.

I've also been intrigued by 


a quirky little place in Pompano called Cypress Nook. The tiny restaurants offers a corner of Gemutlichkeit, decorated with lacy oma macrame and manned by the charmingly dour Isle Wenttengel. Out front, the overflow crowd hangs out at picnic tables in the garden, while inside, servers pour big beers table side: Warsteiner, Spaten Lager, and Tucher Weiss among them. Founded in 1948, Cypress Nook is a mere ten years younger than The Floridian.

And while I'd try the pancakes if Lee Klein suggested, I think 'wurst is the way to go-with cabbage and 'kraut if you choose. ($8 to $10 for various combinations of sausages and eggs). Be sure to ask for the little bowl of German mustard on the side. 

Breakfast is served daily from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. weekdays, and 7 a.m. until 1 p.m. weekends.

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