Andrew Zimmern loves feeling pretty.
Andrew Zimmern loves feeling pretty.
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Andrew Zimmern Goes Glam at Lips, Hunts for Armadillo in the Everglades

Andrew Zimmern has done a lot of really cool things on Bizarre Foods and Bizarre World. He's hung out with Masai warriors, wandered the night markets of Hong Kong, and had fermented shark meat in Iceland.

But when it comes to visiting Florida, Zimmern's favorite experience isn't cooking with Miami's celebrity chefs or dancing at South Beach clubs. It's getting his drag on and joining the lovely ladies onstage at Lips for their gospel brunch.

In Zimmern's recent top-five Florida moments video, the bizarre foodie names

his favorite Sunshine State moments, which include eating goat's head

soup in Little Haiti, sponge-diving in Tarpon Springs, becoming a

merman at Weeki Wachee, and drag racing. But what we adore is the fact

that his favorite Florida moment... the singular experience that defines

Florida for him... is channeling his inner diva at Lips. Maybe it's because he found out how incredibly sexy he looks in a full head of hair... and mascara... and heels.


Zimmern is getting his macho back, because tonight's Bizarre Foods

America  (Travel Channel, 9 p.m.) features the "real" Florida in which Zimmern gigs for frogs in the Everglades and hunts armadillo in the center of the state.

Honestly, we would have enjoyed

the alligator and turtle hunting better if Zimmern had worn full-drag

makeup, pink rain boots, and a giant blond wig while doing it. Like here:


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