Arby's Just Wants You to Know It Screwed Up -- and Has Pepsi (Video)

Arby's Just Wants You to Know It Screwed Up -- and Has Pepsi (Video)

Budding Don Drapers of the world, listen up. There's one universal truth about the ad game, and that's turn chicken shit into chicken salad anytime you have the opportunity to do so.

Roast beef sandwich chain Arby's just released a 30-second commercial of a glass of Pepsi. That's it. Just a Pepsi.

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As we watch beads of condensation drip from the refreshing beverage, actor Ving Rhames explains the premise in a commanding voice:

"Arby's has an agreement to feature their good friend Pepsi in two commercials a year. Well Arby's messed up and forgot about the second commercial!"

The announcer then spends the next 20 seconds cooing, "Pepsi... cool, refreshing Pepsi."

What's behind this announcement?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Arby's really did screw up, focusing on its new "We have the Meats" spots and completely forgetting about its obligation to its soft-drink partner. Arby's chief marketing officer, Rob Lynch was in a pickle about the Pepsi placement and reached out to ad agency Fallon to create a fix.

The result was the 30-second apology ad. According to the WSJ, the ad had Lynch "hysterically laughing." Apparently, Pepsi bigwigs agreed on the contrite and adorable spot.

The ad will run from December 7 through 13 in major markets, but you can watch it here. Warning: You will get thirsty.

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