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Order Up: Miami Spice

This week we're skipping a Dish review in lieu of a column on Miami Spice. The annual prix-fixe meal deal is designed to draw in diners during the slow summer/fall months and incorporates some of Miami-Dade's better-known restaurants (119 all told). But each year, the excitement of Miami Spice is met with an almost equal amount of disdain. And there's plenty to get picky over. Some restaurants take it as an opportunity to skimp on portion sizes, offer undervalue or generic menu choices, and even as a bait and switch to get customers in the door (and subsequently try to get them to pay full price).

It ain't a perfect setup, that's for sure. But there is some good to be had in Miami Spice's three-for-$35 offering. So this week, Miami-Dade food guru Lee Klein breaks down 12 Miami Spice deals that are certainly worth your bucks. These restaurants offer good portions, inventive menu choices, and plenty of value.

Read all about it in this week's Dish.

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