Order Up: Relish Burger

This week in Dish we visit Relish, West Palm Beach's newest burger joint:

Do you have trouble making decisions? If so, Relish will give you fits.

To start, diners must choose from 12 types of burgers: beef,

all-white-meat turkey, tuna, mahi-mahi, crab, shrimp, black bean,

mushroom, lamb, buffalo, veal, or lobster. Relish's owners, Daniel and

Desiree Tobin, put great effort into each variety, all of which are

freshly ground or made in-house each day. It would've been an easy

cop-out to sell a prepackaged black bean patty, for example, but

Relish's version is made from scratch ($5.49). Ditto with the lobster

burger ($15.99) made with big chunks of fresh Maine lobster that's

trucked in daily.

Next, diners choose from Relish's 20-plus gourmet toppings. Each topping is called "relish," but that's really a loose interpretation of the term; not every one is a pickled vegetable in a sauce. There are relatively normal offerings like lettuce slaw and drunken onions cooked in lager. And then there's the wacky stuff I'd never have thought to put on a burger in a million years, like oven-roasted beets with fresh herbs or shaved asparagus with white wine and tarragon. Burger geeks will swoon over the sweet and smoky bacon jam, and haute gourmet types will pine for the mushroom and leek with thyme and obsess over which patty it'll taste best on.

More on Relish in our full review, online now.

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