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Order Up: The Living Room

This week in Dish: The Living Room, a cozy little pub/restaurant in West Boynton Beach. With a quirky, decorative touch and plenty of mismatched tables made to look like miniature living rooms, it's the kind of restaurant you can really feel at home in. Sometimes too much so. Check out this excerpt from the full review.

My friends and I were lounging in the cushy, mismatched

chairs arranged around our own little section of the Living Room in

Boynton Beach. We were pretty full, having just eaten an eclectic meal

that included pear and Havarti pizza and a rustic English pie with

steak and mushrooms. And we were slightly buzzing from pints of Starr

Hill IPA ($5.50) and glasses of sweet, red wine. Having had a few

glasses herself, one of my friends, Cristina, decided to stretch out

across the length of a sleeper chair parked in the center of the

secluded den. We didn't realize she had actually fallen asleep until

one of the waiters came by and started to laugh. "I think your friend

is conked out," he said.

Yep, she was so comfortable, she totally fell asleep. But surprisingly,

owner Lisa Mercado (formerly of Boca Muse, Red Lion) says that's not uncommon at her homey restaurant.

Customers there really feel like they're at ease, whether it's a result

of the eclectic pub food Mercado produces or the live, nightly music

emanating from the bar-side "stage."

Check out the full review of the Living Room, plus a photo slideshow, when it debuts today in Dish.

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