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Robyn Medlin Lindars, Local Grill Girl on Cooking Channel's Foodography

Robyn Medlin Lindars, the local grill master and blogger/owner of, is appearing on an episode of the Cooking Channel's Foodography, hosted by Mo Rocca. You can catch Robyn on the Cooking Channel show this Sunday, July 24, at 11 p.m. and again at 3 a.m. (early Monday morning).

We caught up with Robyn to chat about her grilling clinics for gals only (which will resume in the fall) and her experiences filming the show.


Clean Plate Charlie: What did the Cooking Channel have you film?

Robyn Medlin Lindars: We did a mock grilling clinic, where we grilled mahi-mahi in banana leaves. It was good; we had a lot of fun. It was definitely South Florida. We had to stop filming because the parrots were so loud out on the power lines by my house. They were there for eight hours. It was a cool experience.

So tell us about your grill clinics for women only.

I started doing this about a year ago. We started out doing a party for my girlfriends, and they turned into a clinic. My next one is in September 24.

Can anyone attend?

Yeah, as long as you're a girl. It's open to females. I get women from their 20s up to the upper 60s, I've had women bring their granddaughters. It's fun -- we grill, and have a blast!

How did you start grilling?

I'm not a professional chef. I'm just a Southern girl. I love to cook, and about three years ago, I bought my now-husband a grill. I bought him a top-of-the-line Weber, and I said we're going to grill every night so I can get my money's worth. I fell in love with grilling because you can cook with less fat and it even uses fewer dishes. It morphed into grill girl, and I work in PR, so I was able to promote it.

What foods do you work with that most people wouldn't think of grilling?

There's really nothing that I wouldn't grill. I do grilled romaine lettuce, and that's more common than it used to be. I'll bake a cobbler on the grill and grill pound cake. I do cocktails on the grill.  I do a grilled margarita.

Now you're talking!

I grill the fruit, and then I juice the grilled fruit and throw it in with some tequila. It brings a smoky quality that works well with the tequila.

Here's a video of one of Robyn's grilling clinics. Stay tuned for more info on her upcoming grilling clinics.


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