Rogue Restaurant Gets Mention on AOL

The article I wrote on Fort Lauderdale rogue restaurant Squat-N-Gobble got a little bit of national attention thanks to AOL site Rented Spaces.

This piece from the site talks about apartment restaurants serving coq au vin in Fort Lauderdale and even links to our original story as well as Squat-N-Gobble's Facebook page. It goes on to mention a few other hidden restaurants located across the nation.

I particularly like the sound of the Ghetto Gourmet,

a network of underground restaurants that began in a basement in

Oakland, California, in 2004. I less like the idea of dining in someone's airstream, which the author mentions midway in. I think I'll pass on that one.

Oh, and in further SnG news, OMG Mike from the Paul and Young Ron Show

will be dining at the rogue restaurant this Wednesday evening. Tune in

Thursday morning to hear his breakdown of the meal, which will include

Cajun jambalaya and croissant bread pudding.

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