Sriracha Addicts, Grab Your Water: Top Three Rooster-Flavored Foods

Most food items don't make it into the news regularly -- unless, of course, you're Twinkies and life as you've known it for half a century is about to end, then unceremoniously come back again.

Sriracha, the most beloved hot sauce across the universe, on the other hand, is constantly popping up on fans' feeds; it's burning people's sinuses and the factory has to be shut down one day; it's been pardoned by a judge the next.

The Rooster is making headlines once again. San Jose-based catering company Moveable Feast just announced its plans for an Electronic Sriracha Festival, a celebration of all things sriracha and EDM.

While we're not sure what to make of this -- is it awesome or terrible? -- we've decided to compile a list of the three best foods flavored with the best chili sauce ever known to man.

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3. Sriracha Beef Jerky

Sure, beef jerky needs no improvements. After all, few other food items can get you mimicking the dietary choices of a caveman. Still, sriracha makes life that much sweeter (or spicier). And we think sriracha-dusted beef jerky is one of the greatest things to come about since sliced bread -- heck, maybe even better. Numerous takes are available, including readily available Jack Link's and artisanal brands, like Lawless Jerky.

2. Sriracha Chips

You know you've slathered your chips with sriracha on occasion -- probably after a real-life That 70's Show roundtable session. Now you don't have to; several potato chip producers have taken out the dirty work with Rooster-scented chips. While Lay's and Pringles offer their own versions that are quite tasty, our vote for favorite goes to the Kettle Chips.

1. Sriracha Vodka

Vodka makes everything better. Sriracha makes everything better. And what could possibly improve that hangover-curing bloody mary than an extra dose of the Rooster? We say nothing. Late last year, UV Vodka introduced its sriracha-flavored hooch, and brunch has never been the same.

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