Summer Q-Tips

Johnny V's Kicks BBQ Up a Notch

Summer Q-Tips

Don't try this at home.

On Fort Lauderdale's Las Olas, on the last Thursday of every month, Johnny V is staging Barbequlooza for $4 per person. Oops, must have mis-read – that’s $40 per person. Sound a little dear for barbecue? Maybe not, considering that last month’s menu opened with a cocktail hour featuring Watermelon mojitos, melon martinis, and catfish and cornbread crostini (genius!), and moved on to “green eggs and ham” (deviled eggs with Serrano), chipotle baby back ribs, “Southern-style fried chicken with white trash gravy,” 10-hour smoked beef brisket, Haitian mango coleslaw, and more in that thoroughly delightful vein. The next Barbequlooza takes place on July 31. Call 954-761-7920 for reservations or go to

And check out Johnny's barbecued tuna demo on the Today Show here.


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