Pollo Tropical Tropi Chop
Pollo Tropical Tropi Chop
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Pollo Tropical Offers Diet Tips and Free Meal

First, former fat boy Jared lost a ton eating only Subway sandwiches, then some chick named Christine lost weight by chomping on Taco Bell (without the drinking binges, we presume). Not to be outdone, South Florida's very own fast food outlet, Pollo Tropical, has announced their 21-day meal plan. The plan was designed by nutritionist Dr. Jo Lichten and combines healthy food tips with sensible meal options, including suggested menu items from Pollo Tropical.

While eating at any fast food restaurant twice daily might not be ideal for your wallet or sodium intake, the plan has some interesting tips, like using low calorie salsas to jazz up plain chicken breast or as a substitute to fatty salad dressings. Another tip is to eat foods rich in Lutein (important for eye and heart health) like tomatoes and corn.

To help kick start your diet, Pollo Tropical is giving a coupon for a free Tropi Chop to anyone who visits their website or texts them. Registrations received before February 28, 2011 will also be entered to win their "21-Days To A New You" makeover contest. The winner will receive a $1,000 new wardrobe shopping spree, 21 days of free Pollo Tropical, a one-year gym membership, a personalized coaching session with Dr. Jo and a $250 healthy grocery makeover.

Free chicken and a way to lose some pounds off your ass - move over, Jared! To register for your free Tropi Chop, visit www.pollotropical,com/21days or text "DEAL' to 30241.


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