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Tap 42: Opening Week Debrief

 aligned bar stools and filled tables last night at Tap 42 to assess the menu, the space, the prices, the service, and of course, the beer. Here are the crib notes.

The Space
Plusses: Thoughtful design details and an open space makes for a laid back, stylish bar scene. Add a crowd, dim the lights, open the doors and windows, and its an almost urbane Fort Lauderdale. 

Minuses: Cement floors and minimalist decor mean it's louder than the average bar. For those hard of hearing from too many nights with an ear to the speaker, the noise level may be a factor. Sit outside if that's the case, just be prepared for rain since there's no overhang.

​The Booze
Plusses: 42 taps and eight liquor pulls mean there are plenty of options. A slew of bottled beers round out one of the best selections in the city. I'm not really a bourbon fan, but for those who are check out this menu. I'm beside myself over the cocktails list. Fingers crossed that the drinkmasters have skills. 

Minuses: Some of staff doesn't know the menu yet, but that's OK. (My pilsner was dark brown.) Also, there are no beer prices listed. So, a Guinness is $5 and a Crispus Attucks  was $9. What's the rhyme or reason?

The Food
Plusses: Burger fans, taco heads, and comfort food fanatics who need a fix of mac and cheese: this is your place. Some nice guy shared his cheese-y breadsticks with prosciutto, a hot mess guilty pleasure snack. I also tried the bourbon wings, which need some tweaking. They're a bit wet; I like my fried wings crispy.

Minuses: The menu will clobber that girlish figure. 

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