There are lots of reasons to love Riverside Market: It transformed the sleepy Riverside Park neighborhood into a beer lover's mecca with plenty of regulars. The charming location is across the street from a red-and-white Bozo's sandwich shop and a little park and a stone's throw from a quaint swing bridge. And the beer selection is vast (529 kinds at last count) — and self-serve. Once you've hemmed and hawed and opened and closed the fridge doors eleventy billion times, grab your bottles, find a church key, and pull up a seat. (An informal hierarchy seems to dictate that the superregulars get the couches.) Fish tacos, fish dips, sandwiches, and soups are good for balancing out your beer intake. Event nights include tap takeovers (the place gave away a whole keg of Swamp Ape during Craft Beer Week in May) and winetastings, and a neighborhood secret is the dirt-cheap breakfasts: croissant sandwiches and produce-stuffed omelets.

Location Details

608 SW 12th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale FL 33312


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